Special Friends Care Inc.

Our Clients


At Special Friends Care Inc. we take a family approach to service delivery. We understand the complexities of having family members with special needs. When we take on new clients we basically take on new family members. We also want our clients to get the services that will best support them to have the best possible outcomes. We also are always looking for quality staff to join our family as well. If you are a caring and responsible person who would like to touch someone's life in a positive way, we are looking for you!  We feel blessed to be a part of touching peoples lives in a positive way. Come let us be a blessing to you and yours.

Our clients come from all walks of life. Our clients range from children and adults who need a little support in certain areas of life to individuals who need total support 24 hours a day. We serve individual in their homes, their communities, and in college/university settings. We offer a wide range of services and council with our clients about possible services they may be eligible for. We also advocate for our clients and assist them to access services/funding they commonly had no idea existed.

Through our vast experience and first hand knowledge of the difficulties people with disabilities face, we are able to help individuals navigate through barriers that commonly restrict them from obtaining the quality of life that they dream of.

At Special Friends Care our clients are family and we show it by the interactions and dedication we have with them everyday.