Special Friends Care Inc.

We focus on providing services that assist our clients with maintaining their comfort and promoting independence while receiving the care and support they need to be successful in their life endeavors.

Our services include:
 Unlicensed Home Health Agency with a specialty in Personal Care Assistance:

Personal Care Assistance for under 21 years old clients through Medicaid and Private Pay

Services provided consist of all ADL’s:

Bathing, grooming, oral hygiene, oral feedings, fluid intake, toileting and elimination, range of motion exercises, repositioning, mobility and lifting assistance, and many other everyday living activities.

Assistance to students in college or attending UF.


Providing support as needed to students in areas of daily living. Supporting students in their dorms, in their classes, and while out in the community. We provide up to 24 hour care to individuals who require assistance to navigate through the complexities of the college experience.

Med Waiver Program with Agency with People with Disabilities

Personal Supports

-Life Skills 1
-Behavior assistant

-Supported Living

-Supported Employment

We look forward to assisting you in your quest for quality care.